What is wicking clothing and wicking sleepwear?
"Wicking Clothing" is clothing made with polyester microfiber formulations and blends designed so that sweat and water on your skin is sucked (wicked away), to the outer surface of the fabric, where it quickly evaporates. Normal fabrics like Cotton allow the sweat to be retained in the fabric.

The unique formulations of wicking fiber allow the moisture in the fabric to evaporate. This ability (unlike cotton clothes which collect and hold moisture), allow you to get cooler, take less time to dry, and carry less moisture weight.

How does wicking clothing Work?
The fabric in wicking clothing pulls moisture away from the skin (a process originally used by diaper manufacturers). Today's sweat wicking fabrics are constructed of water-repellent synthetic fibers, such as polyester, that are specially woven to create "sweat corridors" that promote capillary action (the same process plants use to draw water to their extremities).

Once the moisture is wicked to the surface of the garment, air movement and other factors enable your sweat to evaporate quickly.

How do I care for it? Can I use fabric softener on moisture wicking fabric?
Washing. Do not use fabric softeners, or dryer sheets. The best way to keep the wicking function in the sleepwear is to wash the garments without softener and then let it hang dry. They will dry quickly on a hanger. If you by accident use fabric softener then wash the items again without softener.

Fabric softener is like wax, it is coating the material to make it feel smooth and soft, and by doing this the softener will also “coat in” the wicking function so it wont wick as well.

All in all - a better nights sleep, and a drier day.

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