• I love my new Feel Cooler 2 mattress cover! Last night was first time I used it, and it is wonderful! Worth every penny!
    MARY C
    - Miami, FL

  • My husband has been diagnosed with cancer. One of the bad side effects has been heavy night sweats. We would be up several times a night changing sheets as well as his sleepwear. I tried the DriNight bed set. He still gets up and changes tee shirts and shorts about 6 - 8 times a night but the bed stays dry!!! Not only do the sheets and comfort feel great just on their own but it has saved us on getting up. Most nights I don't even know he has gotten up. He thinks they are a MIRACLE!! I have now ordered two pillows.
    Ann J
    - Birmingham, AL

  • I don't often write customer service to say thanks, but made an exception today. I ordered the mattress pad to hopefully take care of the excess heat issue I experience with my Tempurpedic mattress. I have slept better the last two nights than I have in the past year. The heat issue is GONE. Great product. Thanks!

  • This is the second gown I have purchased...because your product actually does what it is advertised to do...works great!!!!
    Janice H

  • Hi Mike,
    I received the cooling blanket yesterday and I have to tell you that it is wonderful. Between the mattress cover and cooling blanket, I have had the most restful sleep. Due to many joint replacements and nerve damage related to those surgeries, I have not felt cool and comfortable in my bed for years. This product is wonderful!!! It not only helps relieves the hot burning pain from nerve damage but helps with the hot flashes of menopause. I only wish everyone with these or similar health issues would try some of your products. I know they would just love them. I plan on continuing to purchase more in the future.
    My only problem is keeping my wonderful dog off the cooling mattress. He just won't budge once he is on it! He knows a good thing when he feels it.
    Suzanne B.

  • Aloha
    Thank you for your quick response, and clearing up my confusion. I received the Chillow Pillows on Friday afternoon, and am currently tracking my current shipment (ordered it for my children). I LOVE the Outlast mattress pad, and told five of my peri-menopausal friends about this, which I think they’ll order shortly.
    Thank you again,
    Diane N

  • Dear Sir/Madam:
    I rarely write to a company on how great their product is....I am just to busy for one more e-mail...I have to tell you this Chili Pad is a "godsend"....and a GREAT product. Because of hot flashes....a type A personality that keeps me so often from deep sleep...and not to mention living in hot humid Miami....I have slept better since receiving the mattress than I have in years and have told many people about it and hope they try it out. I do think the price is a little steep...in the $300's would be reasonable...but regardless...I am glad one night...I surfed the net for something cool to sleep on and found out about this product...good job to the designer....and thank you for a wonderful product....
    With kindest regards,
    Pam B
    South Miami, Florida

  • Good evening,
    I have been having night sweats for quite some time. I recently purchased a cooling pillow and I love it. I have not had one night sweat since I purchased the pillow. I went to work today and told a couple of woman I work with about it and your website. I truly enjoy this product. Thanks so much for helping me get some sleep.
    Karen P

  • I love it. I am an ICU nurse and we have these "cooling blankets" which are an archaic version of the mattress pad I ordered through you. I am so hooked on that mattress pad-glad I got the dual controllers, as I sometimes set the temp way down to 60 on my side. I have been telling my co-workers about this product and have recommended the web site.

    Yes, it does cost a small fortune....but what price can you put on comfortable, cooling, no waking up sweaty SLEEP??! Glad I found you.
    Thanks so so much!
    Angel P

  • Thank you so much! I have received them and I washed the short sleeved set and I've already had the pleasure of wearing them!! THANK YOU! They are really wonderful and I wish I could afford to replace all of my pajamas with ones from Drinights!!! I actually slept through the night without waking up and it has made my day a real pleasure so far!!

    I also LOVE the pillowcase...together, they have combined to give me a full night's sleep for a change.... Bless you all!
    Becki W

  • I placed my first order with you in late December, and saw that it would be delayed because of your being closed for the holidays. Imagine my surprise when my wicking sleep shirt showed up just a few days later.
    I had hesitated to pay what I thought was a bit much for a sleep shirt, but I'm glad I took the chance. It's every bit as good as described; and it sleeps and washes like a dream. Kudos to you for combining quality products with excellent customer service.
    C McDonald - Warren, Mich.

  • I have purchased 2 sets of the Wild Bleu pink printed Capris (size 1X) with the matching pink short sleeve tops (size 2X). I LOVE THEM!!!
    I am 47 years old and I have been suffering from hot flashes ever since I was forced into menopause. I am a breast cancer survivor of almost 2 years now and the anti-estrogen pill I need to take causes the worst of hot flashes!
    Since I have been sleeping in these since the summer of 2007, I have been able to sleep much better and when I wake up sweating, I don't end up freezing cold later on. I just fling back the covers and go right back to sleep. It has made a tremendous impact on me.
    V. Harlin

  • Thank you, to bad more companies do not stand behind what they sell as you clearly do….
    C. Hartley - New Hampshire

  • Hello!
    I recently purchased a set of your king size sheets and love them; in fact, my husband does too! I've also purchased several PJ outfits that have the same great wicking properties as the sheets; and I have begun recommending them to all my friends! My only complaint is that from what I have researched so far, you and your affiliate companies don't carry an extra small size in the clothing and night wear. It would be much better if that were offered.
    Terry - Oregon

    From the webmaster - we are trying to locate suppliers of small and petite sizes. if you find any, please let us know. We'd be happy to carry these.

  • "It is pretty, fits well and is comfortable."
    NC - Arizona

  • "Just a note to say how much I love my dri-nightie sleepshirt! The fabric feels smooth and so soft. But the best thing about it is that even in this Florida heatwave, dri-nightie works its magic keeping me cozy and comfy all night! Thanks for introducing me to this great new product!
    Bobbi - Florida
    PS. My niece says she loves her new shirt the best.

  • Wonderful. Thank you. Nice customer service!
    Jane - Michigan

Comments posted elsewhere....
  • When I saw pj's in person, I didn't like the color or print. In my initial excitement, I had opened the plastic cover to feel the material. When I sent it back, I thought they would not refund me much because I opened the plastic package. Today I received an e-mail from them confirming my refund. I was delighted. The other pajamas I ordered were great.
  • Fast delivery. Item is just as described
  • The choices were wonderful. The quality was outstanding. The packing was great. I love the personal touch.
  • fast and speedy great nighties!
  • Shipping took longer than expected...possibly because of high product demand. Otherwise fantastic service!
  • The Web site is easy to navigate. The check-out process is easy to follow and my order was delivered in a timely fashion. This was my second purchase and I would definately order again.
  • very good.....I just ordered a second pair....thank you
  • Arrived quickly with no problems.
  • I love the fabric and quality of my nightshirt. It really helped keep me drier during night sweats.