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One of the largest on-line retailers of fine wicking wear, bedding and accessories all designed to help you get "a better nights sleep".

We understand what its like to wake up during the night feeling wet and sticky from night sweats. We don't just sell these products, we use them ourselves. Thats why we can stand behind them and offer you our "no questions asked guarantee". Other sites may say they offer the same - but you will have to call them "for an RMA" or pay a "restocking fee". Not us.. if you don't like it ship it back and we'll issue a refund. Its that simple.

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Our story:
Dri Nights is owned and operated by Gilligan & Ferneman LLC.

William Gilligan was the owner of Gilligan On-Line, a company focusing on website design and development.
Mike Ferneman was the owner of Cardinal Advertising, a company focused on online advertising.

We were working together on a project when we discovered the need for quality wicking sleepwear. We did some research and found that there was no complete online resource that carried a large and diverse number of available wicking brands. So we decided to do what we could to meet that need.

In April 2007, was born and we are proud to say that we are working directly with most of the wicking sleepwear manufacturers out there. We are continuing to add new brands to our inventory, and our research department is continuing to seek new products crafted with wicking material that can help you get a good nights sleep.

It is our vision to run this business with the motto of meeting a need - "A better nights sleep."

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