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Help for Menopause and Night Sweats The Feel Cooler® line of temperature regulating mattress pads including the unique DUO COOL temperature regulating AND moisture wicking mattress pad!

We also carry moisture wicking sleepwear and bedding, Chili brand bedding and cool comfy products all designed to help you get a better nights sleep.

And with our unconditional 30 day money back guarantee, you simply can't go wrong.

Moisture Wicking Sleepwear and Feel Cooler® Cooling Bedding.

Drinights is proud to be able to say that we are one of the largest online providers of Wicking Pajamas and Cooling Bedding.

All of our pajamas are made out of Moisture Wicking Material and our Bedding is either Cooling or Wicking. So if you are suffering from Night Sweats then we have the solution for you. So browse our store, find your favorite style and color, and enjoy a good dry nights sleep!

If you have any questions call our customer service at 800-720-4152 and let us answer your questions.

Feel Cooler™ Cooling Bedding Recommended by Dr Oz!

Menopause Sleepwear and Bedding

Menopause Sleepwear is sleepwear designed for women (and men) who are going through menopause and / or are suffering from night sweats.

Menopause sleepwear is also referred to as Wicking Sleepwear for its wicking abilities. It is based on the same function that is in sports apparel. The material is designed to wick away the sweat from your body to the outside of the material so the sweat will evaporate and the sleepwear will dry much faster. When you use sweat wicking pajamas and sleepwear you will experience a much dryer and cooler feeling during the night. is proud to bring you one of the largest selections of sweat wicking sleepwear available. is dedicated to bringing you the best in wicking sleepwear, clothing and bedding, as well as the unique and hard to find accessories you need "For a Better Nights Sleep.

All of our wicking clothing and bedding products are made with fabrics that have been developed to help provide you with the dryness you need so you can sleep well during menopause, chemotherapy, or simple over sweating (you like it cold, your partner likes it hot).

Night sweats are very common. With 72 million plus baby boomers, half are women facing the suffering of night sweats during menopause. If this is you, you are not alone! But there is help - our sweat wicking pajamas will help you with a good nights sleep.

Wicking sleepwear and bedding is also commonly referred to as menopause clothing or hot flash clothing. This is because menopause and hotflashes are a very common reason for night sweats.

So if you are looking for wicking sleepwear, clothing or bedding then you have come to the right place! We offer a large selection of sleepwear as well as bedding featuring Coolmax® Climarelle® and Outlast® temperature regulating technologies.

If you have you started to go through menopause or know someone who is, our menopause clothing will give you relief! Choose from menopause clothing made out of bamboo viscose, microfiber, or incorporating heat release technology.

Are you suffering from Hot Flashes? Our hot flash clothing will help you stay dry!

Are you going through cancer treatments? Our wicking bedding and pillows can help you with night sweats!

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